Level measurement in applications of the pharmaceutical industry are usually exposed to aggressive and corrosive media. The process conditions can be very complex. A robust, hygienic design of the sensors and extremely high measurement accuracy ensure a high degree of process reliability.

  1. Reliable level measurement of sterile injection products

    Reliable level determination of sterile injection products with guided wave radar technology

    Solution for animal pharmacy with guided wave radar technology

    A manufacturer of veterinary products equipped several of his process tanks for various liquids with modern level measurement technology. Due to the process conditions, the coaxial version of the guided wave radar sensor from UWT was installed within the injection reactors. TDR sensors meet the highest safety standards, which makes them the preferred technology, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

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    Solutions For Tricky Level Measurement Challenges

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  3. SIL2 for rotating paddle series

    SIL2 for rotating paddle series

    First rotating paddle limit switch with SIL2 worldwide


    The terms ‘functional safety’ and ‘safety integrity level (SIL)’ have occurred more frequently since the publication of the international standard IEC 61508/IEC61511. Particularly in systems with hazard-causing processes, such as in chemical plants, the consideration of functional safety has become indispensable. On this basis safety-related practices, design principles and error considerations must be met in order to minimize the risk of a dangerous failure.

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  4. Vibrating fork series for process solutions in different industries

    Vibrating fork series for process solutions in different industries

    Different project planning options for plant operators with vibrating rod or vibrating fork

    When projecting the equipment with measurement technology for plants around the globe, technicians and engineers have noticed that in recent years there has been a noticeable increase in demand for more compact limit switches that have a very high level of compatibility worldwide. There is a demand for measuring solutions that are characterised by common technical features and can be used in very many applications without much configuration effort. Compact, robust single-bars are preferred, for example for small containers in material-processing operations. One design that has become established on international markets has very small connection threads and works according to the vibration principle.

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