Electromechanical lot system

NivoBob® - NB 4100

  1. Continuous level measurement
  2. Solids
  3. bulk weight > 300 g/l (> 18 lbs/ft3)

Application area

The electromechanical plumb bob sensors NivoBob® NB 4100  is used for continuous level measurement in bulk storage silos of various applications. The simple electromechanical measuring method makes it a reliable all-rounder, approved in the practical use in almost all bulk solids. Especially in granulates or bulk solids with a low DK value, the NB 4100 works perfectly.

Your benefit

  • Durable, simple and reliable measuring principle up to 30 m measuring range
  • Works in almost all bulk granulates
  • Very cost-effective level sensor in bulk solids

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