Radar sensors

NivoRadar ® - NR 4100

  1. Continuous level measurement
  2. Liquids, Solids
Application area

The non-contact 80 GHz FMCW radar sensor NivoRadar® NR 4100 with a very narrow beam angle of 4° is used in various industrial applications in storage silos, process tanks and IBC containers or on stockpiles for continuous level measurement. The free-radiating level transmitter has a compact design with a 1" process connection (PVDF) and a measuring range of up to 30 m as well as a very fast response time. The radar sensors are food compliant, WHG-certified and suitable for use in hazardous areas. The radar level transmitters have a high dust protection class and can be used in abrasive bulk materials as well as materials prone to caking.

Your benefit
  • Reliable and high-precision measurement results independent of medium properties and ambient conditions for trouble-free operation
  • Inexpensive and at the same time durable, robust and maintenance-free measurement technology
  • Simple and user-friendly configuration, commissioning and diagnosis of the radar level sensor via the UWT LevelApp

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