Rotary paddle level switch

Rotonivo® - RN 3004

  1. Point level measurement
  2. Solids
  3. bulk weight > 15 g/l (> 0.9 lbs/ft3)
Application area

The rotating paddle detector Rotonivo® RN 3004 is used in storage and process vessels as a full, demand and empty detector in all bulk materials. It can be configured for process temperatures up to +600°C and process overpressure up to 10 bar and is mechanically very resilient.  Buildup or a dust-intensive process environment does not in any way affect the accuracy of the measurement results of the level indicator.

Your benefit
  • Very resilient to high mechanical loads for applications in all bulk materials
  • Simple, reliable and maintenance-free all-rounder in bulk solids applications
  • Plug and play level limit switch without calibration

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