abrasive material

Abrasives are hard grains that are used for grinding, i.e. for material removal by machining with bound grain.

  1. Capacitance point level detection of silicon metal rock

    RF in silicon metal rock

    RF measurement technology for conveying process optimization for a silicon metal manufacturer

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  2. TDR Solutions for tricky level measurement applications

    Master Class: TDR Solutions for tricky level measurement applications

    Master Class recording
    The ultimate Guide: When things get a little tricky!

    TDR - Allrounder for Solids & Liquids

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  3. Non-contact radar level measurement for fast running train tippler hopper

    Non-contact radar level measurement for fast running train tippler hopper

    What is the Miners Canary?


    In order to define the correct level measurement technology it is essential to analyze the different process parameters of the single application such as material properties, process temperatures, pressure and connections as well as the process atmosphere. The selection of the right level measurement technologies, their correct configuration and smart positioning will save substantial costs and add up to a significant improvement in the plants’ economic efficiency over its lifecycle.

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  4. Free-radiating radar measurement in animal feed production

    Free-radiating radar measurement in animal feed production

    Continuous level measurement between double filling: Optimum echo quality & dust-tight design make it possible


    Many an inconspicuous component part can quickly become a problem if it does not function reliably. In the case of level monitoring, for example, cost-causing silo overfilling or running empty, which can result in a production standstill, are avoided. In order to integrate sensors perfectly into plants, the highest process compatibility is required for the individual production stages, as well as a certified design. For an animal feed producer in Chile, it should also be a non-contact measurement technology for the storage of powdered raw materials, which operates under high dust generation during the dynamic filling process.

    When configuring a suitable sensor system for the plant operator, the focus was on process reliability, durability and simplicity. Furthermore, the requirements for the special installation situation had to be taken into account.

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  5. Efficient silo management for smooth process flow

    Efficient silo management for smooth process flow

    A win – win situation: Silo management for grain mills and their customers


    In Germany alone there are more than 260 large flour mills, in Asia the grain market is significantly greater and a very important industry. All around the world the situation is similar: Well-planned routes and carefully calculated stock levels are vital to achieve max. cost optimization during the material delivery process, however these are more than often jeopardized by daily reality. Bakeries, the customers of the mills, often place their orders to late and the mills are faced with having to supply material immediately in order to avoid production stop at the bakeries. This leads to unnecessary logistics costs caused by multiple deliveries and ultimately to an increase in costs for sides, the supplier and the customer. This is obviously in no one's interest. But why are we confronted with these “fire-fighting” situations and how can they be avoided?

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  6. Precise level measurement in sugar mills

    Precise level measurement in sugar mills

    Optimize sugar production: level limit measurement with vibrating rod & continuous measurement with radar


    To record stock levels and control recipes for batch and continuous blending, plants need reliable and accurate measurement data to ensure that everything runs smoothly in production. Every industry with its variety of complex applications and materials likes to surprise at this point with tricky tasks. In the food sector, high standards generally have to be met in terms of hygiene and process reliability. In the case of the application processes of a sugar manufacturer in Central American Guatemala, it becomes clear that reliable, durable and flexible solutions for batch measurement have a positive effect on the entire processing procedure.

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