Barley Drier Silo Measurement

The Challenge

The customer required contents measuring for three new barley storage silos at their drying and storage facility in the north of Scotland. The fill and discharge rates varied depending on if they were drying the barley and the level of moisture in the product. After drying the barley could stay within the silos for days/weeks without moving. The challenges were the dust levels from the dry barley which is extreme and builds up on all surfaces. The mounting of the contents measuring device was also within a short distance of the feed conveyors which created excessive noise and vibration. Because of the noise, vibration and high levels of dust the ultrasonic devices originally fitted were unreliable and failed to operate especially during filling.

Our Solution

The UWT NivoBob was chosen to replace the ultrasonic devices originally fitted as it could withstand the vibration and noise from the feed conveyors and was not affected by the high levels of airborne dust or dust build up on the silo walls. Through the customers SCADA system they have control over the measurment frequency and can turn the automatic measuring off during the periods when the material is not being filled or discharged.