1. Protection Plus with innovative corrosion protection

    Protection Plus with innovative corrosion protection

    Special solutions with increased corrosion resistance of point level measurement equipment


    Performance failures of level sensors cause costs to rise – not only due to the interruption of process but also when the replacement and commissioning of the devices become time-consuming.  Capacitive RF probes with full coating protection as a safe and reliable measurement solution especially in flue gas cleaning.

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  2. Tailor-made solutions for the textile industry

    Tailor-made solutions for the textile industry

    RF measurement in clean and contaminated acetone for synthetic fiber manufacturer producing special protective clothing and packaging solutions 


    Single-rod probes using the capacitive measuring method are in many cases a clever solution when it comes to level detection. They can be found in overfill protection and as demand or empty detectors in process or storage containers. These limit switches are suitable for almost all bulk materials from different industries, due to high sensitivity, high mechanical load and the variety of probe extensions. But these qualities also make them a suitable solution in the fascinating world of varied liquid applications, be they in food, wood, rubber, plastics, environmental and power plants, building materials and chemical industries. The use of the RFnivo® capactive rod is fully explained here within the textile production process featuring the aggressive substance of acetone. The Rotonivo® rotary paddle switch having provided the solution for many years for the plant operator, this time the application required an alternative answer from the UWT team.

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  3. TDR in ethanol

    Guided wave radar technology for continuous level measurement in ethanol tanks

    Guided wave radar technology for continuous level measurement in ethanol tanks

    For the storage processes of ethanol of a Swedish producer the guided wave radar for continuous level determination was implemented within several tanks. When selecting a suitable measurement technology, the main focus was on reliability, durability and safety. Further high demands were placed on the robustness and flexibility in the range of applications for the measurement technology. The device to be used for the highly flammable liquid has to be certified accordingly.

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  4. Capacitance full detection in paint manufacturing through a glass pane

    Capacitance full detection in paint manufacturing through a glass pane

    Secure full detection of xylene in process tanks of paints corporation by side mounting of the: capacitance level switch with 1-inch stainless steel process connection in a 3" MS pipe

    Level indicators working with the capacitive measurement principle can be used in all types and shapes of tanks, regardless of whether these are metallic or non-metallic. Due to their high sensitivity, their compactness and the range of probes, they are suitable for a wide variety of industrial process requirements. In order to coordinate a constant flow of material, timed to match the manufacturing process, the plant manager of a huge paints corporation was looking for a robust and compact level monitoring system for xylene tanks. Due a special installation situation a creative solution was required.

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  5. Empty detection in sulfuric acid

    Empty detection in sulfuric acid

    Capacitance measurement solutions for chemical sector

    For the manufacturing of aluminum sulfate a plant operator in Peru was looking for a compact level measurement for its raw material tanks with 98% sulfuric acid. Due to the strong corrosion caused by the acidic material, the decision was made to implement the robust capacity indicator Capanivo® CN 7000 enclosure version for implementing reliable empty messages.

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  6. 15th - 16th June 2021 ACHEMA Pulse

    exhibition ACHEMA Pulse

    The digital live event!
    Don't miss it and register now for free!

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  7. Full detection in liquid naphthalene

    Full detection in liquid naphthalene

    Capacitance point level detection in liquid naphthalene

    Full detection with high process compatibility in chemical plant operation
    The measurement technology a chemical plant was looking for in his liquid naphthalene tanks has to deal with different temperatures, varying DK values and viscosity. In order to meet these conditions in practice quickly and reliably with a clever solution, the capacitive rod probes of the RFnivo® series from UWT were implemented.

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  8. 24th – 26th August 2021 iPBS in Rosemont, USA

    exhibition iPBS

    At booth 1346 UWT Level Controls LLC will be back there once again providing access to bright solutions concerning continuous and level measurement technology.

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  9. SIL2 for rotating paddle series

    SIL2 for rotating paddle series

    First rotating paddle limit switch with SIL2 worldwide


    The terms ‘functional safety’ and ‘safety integrity level (SIL)’ have occurred more frequently since the publication of the international standard IEC 61508/IEC61511. Particularly in systems with hazard-causing processes, such as in chemical plants, the consideration of functional safety has become indispensable. On this basis safety-related practices, design principles and error considerations must be met in order to minimize the risk of a dangerous failure.

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  10. 4th - 8th April 2022 ACHEMA Dortmund, Germany

    exhibition ACHEMA

    We welcome you at booth A 73 a in hall 11.1

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