Forthcoming Events

Where will you meet us soon? What is planned on site or virtually in relation to exhibitions, trade fairs, shows, career events and webinars.

  1. exhibition SOLIDS Dortmund Germany

    29th - 30th March 2023 SOLIDS Dortmund, Germany

  2. exhibition iPBS

    25th – 27th April 2023 iPBS Rosemont, USA

  3. exhibition Meorga Leverkusen

    26th April 2023 Meorga Leverkusen, Germany

  4. exhibition SMART Automation

    23rd - 25th May 2023 SMART Automation Linz, Austria


    7th - 10th June 2023 WIN EURASIA, Turkey

  6. exhibition Agrofood

    8th - 10th June 2023 Agrofood Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  7. exhibition SOLIDS Parma

    14th - 15th June 2023 SOLIDS Parma, Italy

  8. exhibition Meorga Hamburg

    21st June 2023 Meorga Hamburg, Germany

  9. exhibition Meorga Ludwigshafen

    13th September 2023 Meorga Ludwigshafen, Germany

  10. Exhibition POWTECH

    26th – 28th September 2023 POWTECH Nuremberg, Germany

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