Interface Applications

A distinction is made between two types of interface measurement: either two layers of liquid or of solids in liquid. Depending on the application, point level and continuous level measurement technologies are used.

  1. A Game Changer with IO-Link

    Game Changer CN 7

    Smart Capanivo® 7000 reinvented
    New features - more models - IO-Link technology

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    Solutions For Tricky Level Measurement Challenges

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  3. Interface level detection in stone reclaim slurry measurement

    Interface level detection in stone reclaim slurry measurement

    High solids content & moving surface


    Concerning precise interface measurement of different solids in liquids there are popular project planning options for continuous level monitoring with lot systems and point level detection with vibrating forks. A company in England who manufactures stone recovery plants for the quarrying industry implements the electromechanical plumb bob NivoBob® for the detection of interface levels with the right feeling for the separating layer. The operator was looking after a principle that is sensitive and simple.

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  4. Precise interface measurement of different solids in liquids

    Precise interface measurement of different solids in liquids

    Project planning options for interface detection with electromechanical lot system for continuous level measurement or vibrating fork for point level detection


    There are several industries where sludge levels or solids in liquids need to be measured. For example, in sediment containers or basins, filters or lamella separators in the metal industry, chemical plants, lime or gravel works and the waste water industry. The measuring accuracy and durability of the sensor technology is important. Dirt, chemicals and gases often affect the sensors and require special resistance. The NivoBob® series NB 3300/3400 meet the requirements of many interface measurements and are very reliable due to the simple measuring principle. For level evaluation an analogue signal 4-20mA and a Modbus RTU/Profibus DP interface are available.

    Vibrating forks of the Vibranivo® series VN 1000 or VN 5000 can be used to measure the point level of sludge and solids in liquids. The parts in contact with the medium are made of resistant stainless steel. With the versions VN 1030 and VN 5030 even depths of approx. 4 m (13,12 feet) are realizable when installed from above in a silo or basin. The high sensitivity required for the respective solids detection can be easily adjusted on the electronics.

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