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Point level detection with capacitive measurement technology

Capanivo® capacitive level switches are universally applicable in bulk solids, granulates, powders, liquids, highly viscous oils, slurries and pastes as full detectors, overfill protection, demand or empty detectors, as level switches or for interface measurement in mixers, silos, tanks, process vessels, hoppers, troughs as well as channels and pipelines. Due to different device versions, installation situations from above, below, the side or with little space requirement can be realized. Further the capacitive sensors of the Capanivo® CN 7000 and CN 8000 series can be used for single media detection (e.g. when foaming) or as sensors for leakage detection.

The robust sensor tip made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic is suitable for use in foodstuffs as well as being resistant to aggressive chemical media. The Capanivo® can be used in storage tanks, silos and process vessels or also in pipes as a level switch, back pressure detector, as dry run protection or as a valve control.

As a capacitively measuring sensor it reacts with a change in capacitance when the sensor tip is touched by a solid, liquid or foaming medium and then switches a signal output (relay or transistor). The versions for solids additionally have active lug compensation due to the built-in Active Shield technology ensures reliable functionality within applications with foam, bridging, material deposits, caking or other types of buildup properties. 

In addition to WHG or SIL 2 approval, the various sensors in the Capanivo® series also have international approvals for gas and dust explosion hazardous areas. This makes them the ideal solution for most industries when it comes to level monitoring.