Contents- and level-visualisation in plastic granulate

The Challenge

A worldwide renowned toys supplier requested a complete level control system at his plant in Malta. The granulates will be delivered in bigbags and filled into the silos by a pressure conveying system. The filling needed to be controlled with a reliable full detection and stopped by an acoustic signal. Above, also the level of material should be monitored during the filling process. The company searched for a complete solution with a visualization system to be accessible via Ethernet from every connected PC. The whole installation and set-up should to be done by UWT.

Our Solution

The rotating paddle switch Rotonivo RN 3002 promises a reliable full detection in this application. The extension can be configured flexible depending on the mounting situation and the angle of repose. Our electromechanical system NivoBob NB 3000 is the perfect addition as level control unit. The Modbus RS485 interface is integrated in the NB 3000 as standard. Thus, the units can be visualized at our NivoTec NT 3500 via webserver. UWT offered an attractive and innovative all-in one solution.