Contents measurement in dusty coal dugouts

The Challenge

Our customer is located at the west coast on the peninsular Malaysia. He required a reliable level control for his coal dugouts. Those dugouts store the fuel for the steam turbines generators. There annual demand for coal in this power plant is 3,2 million tons. The particular challenge is to guarantee the reliable measurement in a very dusty and rough application wand an easy set-up of the sensors. The so far used acoustic wave technologies could not deliver reliable results.

Our Solution

The UWT lot NB 3200 fulfills all of the requirements. The action safe NB offers precise measuring results even in the dusty environment. It is not influenced by the rough conditions in the silo. The NB 3200 is ready for use after a simple set-up. The nozzle of the NivoBob was configured with a length of 1500mm because of the very thick silo roof.