Foam alarm level in chemical reactor

The Challenge

Large chemical plant in Russia had following task: Alarm level detecting of foam in chemical reactor Above the reactor a pipline is installed, through which CO2 gases, formed during the chemical reaction of an water based solution of methionine and sodium sulfate, are removed. During the reaction foam is created. The task of the limit switch was to detect the rising foam inside the pipeline. This alarm signal shuts down the process in the reactor. The limit switch has to be installed in a pipe with a diameter of only 102 mm. Other challenges were the aggressive environment, an increased vaporization and moderate adhesion.

Our Solution

The capacitive limit switch RFnivo 8100 was the best solution to fullfill all the requirements. The inverse frequency shift technology offers a high sensitivity. Thus a reliable foam detection even in narrow pipelines is guaranteed. The modular design allows the adaption to various installation conditions. The active Shield reduces any influences of material build up around the probe. Moreover all the wetted parts of the sensor are chemically resitant.