NivoBob NB 3100 in plastic granulate

The Challenge

A world-leading manufacturer of plastic food packaging and foils searched for its storage silos for various plastic granules, which provides the material descriptors with all necessary information on the material stock quickly, up-to-date and reliably. The level sensor system should be maintenance-free and offer the plant operator the highest security. That is, that both silo overfillings are avoided as well as plant standstills due to material shortages.

Our Solution

Electromechanical leadsystems NB 3100 are used as fill level sensors in all silos. The silo alarm full will be monitored by rotating paddel switches. Both sensors are maintenance-free, very durable and ideal for use in plastic granules. They are directly integrated into the Modbus network of the visualization hardware on the silos. This means that all fill level data can be queried up-to-date and quickly in the software. The NT 3500 visualization works on a Wago web controller and is license-free and password-protected by all Ethernet computers. The complete system is modular and can be extended as required. That is, not only sensors with Modbus RTU interface, but also analog sensors with 4-20mA, digital signals or Ethernet interface can be connected.