NivoRadar in lime powder

The Challenge

A customer in sweden is looking for a content level sensor to measure lime powder in a storage silo. This company prevers contactless sensors. But there is a lot of dust in the application during filling and maybe the dk value could be critical.

Our Solution

The perfect solution is the free-radiating radar sensor NR 3100. It is a high frequency technologie with a beam of only 4°. That means it is very focussed and the reflection of the lime powder is great. The dk value is about 3. The NR 3100 measures also through the dust a monitors the filling of the silo. The aiming flange allows to install the sensor very flexible on the silo roof, because it can be aimed well to the end of the silocone. The sensor works with a 2-wire electronic 4-20mA signal with HART protocoll. The quickstart wizzard makes the commissioning quite easy.