NR 3100 in Fava Beans (Vicia Faba)

The Challenge

The material in the hoppers is horsebeans or Fava Beans (Vicia Faba). The beans are shipped in, shelled and then shipped out again. The process temperature is around 20°C. The application is in an Ex area. The density is around 530g/l and a very dusty environment! For this process hoppers the company is looking for reliable level sensors.

Our Solution

The solution for this application is the radar sensor NivoRadar NR 3100. They are connecting the integrated air purge system as well. Mounted at the side, furthest from filling nozzle and aimed to the middle of the cone bottom, where the outlet is. The high frequency of 79Ghz and the beam angle of 4° guarantee a great echoprofil and a reliable measurement.