RF 3100 in recovered oil

The Challenge

Our customer from Russia has developed a unique technology of advanced treatment to avoid waste burial, incineration, injection, encapsulation and other disposal methods. Common drilling procedures for oil and gas, used widely around the world, produce a consistently increasing amount drill cuttings containing oil. In some cases, drill cuttings even contain other hazardous components such as mercury or NORM (Natural occurring Radioactive Material), requiring special attention. Treatment of drill cuttings is therefore beneficial from both an environmental and an economic standpoint, allowing valuable drilling oil to be recovered, and ensuring environmentally sound disposal of the drill cuttings. Patented mobile thermal desorption unit (Mobile TDU) is designed for on-site treatment of drill cuttings in the area of exploratory and field drilling. Under exposure to high temperature toxic drill cuttings are separated into water, dried solids and oil products that can be used. Continuous technical process: 24 hours per day at the place of formation or storage of drilling waste. In-line separation into components is resulted from heating up to 500°C in enclosed chamber without oxygen access where total evaporation of water and oil products takes place. Then dried and treated soil is moistened with water and granulated into crushed rock.

Our Solution

The output product: - Process water - Solids can - Recovered oil (mineral and synthetic oil, liquid paraffin, diesel fuel) For this application the customer use our RF 3100. Capacitive sensor RFnivo RF 3100 for point level measurement is an allrounder for nearly all types of bulk and some liquid materials. Simple, automatic calibration at commissioning and Active Shield Technology against material build-up allows to use this sensor for different material without recalibration. Capacitive sensor Rfnivo, RF 3100 is suitable for use in applications with high pressure - up to 25bar and with temperatures up to 240°C.