RF 3300 Special Remote version in coke dry quenching process, 1200°C

The Challenge

RF 3300 special Remote version for pre storage room application in coke dry quenching process, 1200°C - coke application - high level switch & low level switch - high temperature up to 1200°C - strong cake - thick wall of fireproofing materials - crash by high temp. Materials - remote commissioning

Our Solution

- RF 3300 Special version, high temp up to 1200°C - Remote control cabinet with RF3 electronic module display combined to the probe by a 10m double shielded coaxial cable - Probe: SS310S and Ceramic isolation with Nitrogen cooling purge inlet & outlet - Three sections of extension probe: active L1=100mm, shield L2=200mm, ground L3=300mm, Total Length L=760mm - Angle mounted