RN in animal feed pellets

The Challenge

Our customer produce sugar from sugar beet. As by-product the customer gets sugar beet pulp. It is a valuable and highly marketable animal food product, that is a by-product of the sugar extraction process. The wet pulp which the sugar has been extracted in the extraction tower is pressed in a mechanical process. The customer needed level measurement for cooled pellets. At the crucial cooling process of the feed, the equipment must handle hot then cold material. After the pelleting process, the hot pellets are cooled down to an appropriate temperature. Therefore, the demands on the installed measurement technology principle can be problematic.

Our Solution

The Rotonivo RN 3000 paddle switch fulfills these extreme requirements. This is made possible by the high quality and the bearing of the shaft using stainless steel bearings. In addition, the probe is sealed with a shaft seal for the process. Moisture, fluctuating temperatures and changing mechanical loads are no problem for the robust rotary paddle detector.