Rotonivo - limit switch in salt

The Challenge

Our customer is the largest producer of vacuum-evaporated dietary salt in CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) and Western Europe. The main activity of the company is mining and production of extra evaporated dietary table salt. For the monitoring and control of the filling, a simple but reliable level monitoring for the process tanks with salt NaCl was needed.

Our Solution

The totating paddle switch Rotonivo RN 3004 series is the perfect solution for this requirement. Thanks to teflon sealing, the sensor has a long life time and it delivers reliable measurements also in the aggressive and very dusty materials like NaCl. The screw conveyor drive is designed to feed the material into the high pressure grinding roller. To ensure a constant pressure load, two Rotonivo RN 3004 level sensors are installed which monitor material in the pipeline. The output signals are integrated in the controller. The sensors control the max and min level of the material.