Vibration level switch

Vibranivo® - VN 6020

  1. Point level measurement
  2. Solids
  3. bulk weight < 5 g/l (> 0.3 lbs/ft3)
Application area

The Vibranivo® VN 6020 vibrating fork is used in storage and process containers as a full, demand and empty detector in dry and free flowing bulk solids. Due to its high sensitivity, the vibrating level switch is particularly suitable for very light bulk solids. The high surface quality of the stainless steel probe also makes it ideal for use in applications with hygiene requirements. The VN 6020 offers more space for wiring due to the larger housing and additionally a flameproof version for use in the GasEx area.

Your benefit
  • Maintenance-free sensor for use in many bulk materials. Particularly suitable for very light bulk solids
  • Extension is completely made of stainless steel
  • Flameproof versions available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (gas)

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