VN 2020 in matchsticks

The Challenge

Our customer from Belarus would like to check the empty level in containers with matches. The wood arrives at the factory in the form of logs. The aspen stems are debarked and cut into pieces in an automated system. The pieces of wood are peeled into veneers to get the thickness of a match. The veneer is transported to a chopping machine, which cuts the wood into longitudinal pieces. The longitudinal pieces are brought to a preliminary container with a conveyor belt, dried and then paraffinated. They are immersed in a bath and get their heads. There are 5 pre-tanks in a production line, each of which has a VN 2020 installed. A single process produces approximately 370,000 matches.

Our Solution

The vibrationg fork VN 2020 works rather smoothly and dosn't break the splints. At the same time it is sensitive enough to give a stable and reliable output signal.