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  1. Efficient silo management for smooth process flow

    Efficient silo management for smooth process flow

    A win – win situation: Silo management for grain mills and their customers


    In Germany alone there are more than 260 large flour mills, in Asia the grain market is significantly greater and a very important industry. All around the world the situation is similar: Well-planned routes and carefully calculated stock levels are vital to achieve max. cost optimization during the material delivery process, however these are more than often jeopardized by daily reality. Bakeries, the customers of the mills, often place their orders to late and the mills are faced with having to supply material immediately in order to avoid production stop at the bakeries. This leads to unnecessary logistics costs caused by multiple deliveries and ultimately to an increase in costs for sides, the supplier and the customer. This is obviously in no one's interest. But why are we confronted with these “fire-fighting” situations and how can they be avoided?

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  2. Many applications–one solution

    Many applications–one solution

    Innovative vibrating rod probe - compact design & high process flexibility probes

    It has often been the case that a single rod probe, using the vibrating principle and having universal design capabilities, is required. This measurement principle has become well-established on the international market.  Due to its high compatibility (even with the standard version), it is much favored by plant operators. UWT has responded to the wishes of their customers with a new product series that uses this vibration measurement principle in the form of a single rod probe called Mononivo® MN 4000 .

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