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  1. From classic to innovative - the right thing for everyone

    From classic to innovative - the right thing for everyone

    Mechanical, non-contact or guided microwave

    Modern, high-quality technologies ensure a continuous stress-free manufacturing process in plants. When it comes to detecting fill levels in silos and material processing operations, sensors with a high degree of compatibility for different process containers provide the optimum support. Depending on the processing stage, the material to be controlled can be of very different nature and place different demands on the measurement technology to be used. The UWT range offers capacitive measurement technology, transducers as well as mechanical solutions for use in solids and liquids.

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  2. Empty detection in sulfuric acid

    Empty detection in sulfuric acid

    Capacitance measurement solutions for chemical sector

    For the manufacturing of aluminum sulfate a plant operator in Peru was looking for a compact level measurement for its raw material tanks with 98% sulfuric acid. Due to the strong corrosion caused by the acidic material, the decision was made to implement the robust capacity indicator  Capanivo® CN 7000 for implementing reliable empty messages.

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