1. Sugar beet - as versatile as UWT level measurement devices

    Master Class: Sugar beet - as versatile as UWT level measurement devices

    Master Class recording
    Sugar Sweet Level Measurement Solutions!

    Discover the different level measuring devices used in sugar mills around the world.

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  2. It tastes better when you know your LIMITS

    Master Class: It tastes better when you know your LIMITS

    Master Class recording
    Food & Beverage Special

    Certified UWT sensor technology is your beneficial ingredient for beverage production. Cheerio!

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  3. Protection Plus with innovative corrosion protection

    Protection Plus with innovative corrosion protection

    Special solutions with increased corrosion resistance of point level measurement equipment


    Performance failures of level sensors cause costs to rise – not only due to the interruption of process but also when the replacement and commissioning of the devices become time-consuming.  Capacitive RF probes with full coating protection as a safe and reliable measurement solution especially in flue gas cleaning.

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  4. Tailor-made solutions for the textile industry

    Tailor-made solutions for the textile industry

    RF measurement in clean and contaminated acetone for synthetic fiber manufacturer producing special protective clothing and packaging solutions 


    Single-rod probes using the capacitive measuring method are in many cases a clever solution when it comes to level detection. They can be found in overfill protection and as demand or empty detectors in process or storage containers. These limit switches are suitable for almost all bulk materials from different industries, due to high sensitivity, high mechanical load and the variety of probe extensions. But these qualities also make them a suitable solution in the fascinating world of varied liquid applications, be they in food, wood, rubber, plastics, environmental and power plants, building materials and chemical industries. The use of the RFnivo® capactive rod is fully explained here within the textile production process featuring the aggressive substance of acetone. The Rotonivo® rotary paddle switch having provided the solution for many years for the plant operator, this time the application required an alternative answer from the UWT team.

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  5. Overfill protection in fish oil

    Overfill protection in fish oil

    Easy installation and automatic calibration


    A fish feed manufacturer based in Denmark was looking for a consistently precise, yet simple, user-friendly level monitoring for its fish oil storage tanks. In addition to being used as a lubricant, leather tanning and, due to its omega-3 fats, as a food supplement, fish oil is mainly used in the manufacture of pet food and for aquaculture. Fish farming, as a rapidly growing global industry, necessitates plant operators to continuously optimize their production technologies and processes. In the storage processes, the robust, capacitive RF rod probe proved to be the optimal solution for the fish feed manufacturer thanks to the precise surface detection and automatic calibration capabilities of the device.

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  6. Full detection in liquid naphthalene

    Full detection in liquid naphthalene

    Capacitance point level detection in liquid naphthalene

    Full detection with high process compatibility in chemical plant operation
    The measurement technology a chemical plant was looking for in his liquid naphthalene tanks has to deal with different temperatures, varying DK values and viscosity. In order to meet these conditions in practice quickly and reliably with a clever solution, the capacitive rod probes of the RFnivo® series from UWT were implemented.

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  7. Measurement sensor answers to demands of grey gold manufacturing

    Measurement sensor answers to demands of grey gold manufacturing

    Lot solutions as quick and easy measurement device, rotating paddles for extreme temperatures & capacitance RF probes for specialities


    Plant operators are busy keeping pace of the wide range of challenges presented by raw materials of the building sector, the changing operating conditions in silos or pipelines or the need for ex-certificates. Such requirements call for measurement solutions that are versatile, whilst representing a cost-effective investment and offering versions fully equipped to meet a wide variety of these requirements. Due to the fast development of the building and quarry industry in the MENA countries during the past years, the demand for more solution approaches for applications of cement plants there has increased. Solutions of appropriate sensor technology for content and point level measurement have to be found in order to support the process flow of the cement production in the most reliable way.

    In one of Saudi Arabia’s largest cement plants UWT was confronted with especially harsh working conditions. For his cement silos the plant operator was looking after reliable contents measurement technology as well as after a flexible sensor system for level limit detection. The combination of a very high dust generation and an extremely high process temperature was a challenge for the right choice of instruments.

    Thus the selection of measurement technology included first of all for the storage silos an electromechanical plumb bob that fits also perfect with the connection to a visualization system. Further for limit detection during several process steps rotating paddle switch and capacitive rod probe were installed. Here respectively the high temperature version was demanded.

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  8. Different processes within bulk material handling for animal feed production

    Different processes within bulk material handling for animal feed production

    When does level measurement comes into play?


    The production of high quality animal feed and pet food is an important economic growth sector worldwide. As well as livestock feed, this sector also includes pet and sports animal nutrition. Consequently, there is enormous diversity of the end-products: feed for the agricultural sector, livestock such as cattle, horses and poultry; for dairy cattle and feed for breeding animals (e.g. in fisheries) as well as bird and rodent feed. So therefore, the pet food segment can be defined as being made up of nutrition for animals such as dogs, cats or reptiles. Errors that occur in the processing plant during conveying, storing mixing or pelletizing can rarely be offset or rectified at the next processing stage. There the level sensor is an indispensable element of the technical equipment within a modern feed production plant for the detection and monitoring of levels and limit levels. From the large variety of different principles and sensor types the choice of the appropriate measurement instrument is not always an easy job.

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  9. 1 million level detection applications successfully solved worldwide

    1 million level detection applications successfully solved worldwide

    With the right attitude and a great team, anything is possible

    UWT GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement technology for the detection and monitoring of levels, limit levels in any kind of bulk materials and solids. Different measurement principles are used to monitor and control the material content in storage silos, containers, tanks etc. Applications can be found in most industry sectors such as food, plastics, wood, rubber, environmental plants and power stations as well as the building materials and chemical industry. The development and production facility is sited within the head office in Betzigau, South Germany. UWT is represented in more than 50 countries via a network of exclusive distribution partners and has its own dedicated sales offices in the US, UK, China and India.

    2015, it happened: The 1,000,000th application was successfully implemented with the installation of a RFnivo® RF 3000 detector at a sizeable cement and lime producing plant.

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