Level measurement detection in tanks for gas cooling

Practical solutions for cooling water with H2 gas of steel industry: Capacitance sensor for content level measurement detection

For a steel-producing plant in India, a continuous level measurement, which works unaffected by steam or pressure fluctuations within a very small measuring range, was implemented with the NivoCapa® NC 8000 in water for gas cooling. The proven technology with active buildup compensation and a tunable oscillator was a flexible solution for optimizing the manufacturing process.


Measurement accuracy & corrosion-resistant design including PFA shielding
For the small measuring range of the application of 1150 mm (3.77 ft.), the rod version NC 8100 offered a well-matched solution. The compact device has a stable, wear- and abrasion-resistant probe with surge protection of the probe input. Parts in contact with the process are made of PFA, PEEK and stainless steel 316L / 1.4404. The capacitance measurement technology realizes a very fast measurement (<1s) and is also not influenced by the prevailing steam or pressure fluctuations. The installation on a nozzle allows a measuring range to be realized up to the tank cap and to work with maximum accuracy over the entire length of the sensor. The  NivoCapa® devices implement a user-friendly user interface including an LCD with control buttons and diagnostic function. 



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