Radar in seawater

Innovative solutions for cooling tanks of the power industry: Contact-free radar sensor for content level measurement detection in seawater tanks

In Malaysia, a plant operator in the power generation field was looking for a smart solution for continuous level monitoring of its seawater tanks. To meet the challenges of space constraints and the salty atmosphere within the containers with robust accurate content detection, the NivoRadar® NR 3000 contact-free radar sensor with robust stainless steel housing was used.


The radar sensor works with a high-frequency 78 GHz signal, which is emitted with a very narrow beam of only 4°, reflected by the sea water and received again by the sensor. The frequency difference, which is directly proportional to the distance, is then further processed and output as a fill level signal. In order to properly position the radar within the seawater tanks so as to ensure accurate level monitoring, a special housing construction was designed in which the device was installed.

The  NivoRadar® NR 3100 can easily be combined with the  NivoTec® - NT 4500 visualization system and offers a good combination option as an element for level determination.