Empty detection in sulfuric acid

Capacitance measurement solutions for chemical sector

For the manufacturing of aluminum sulfate a plant operator in Peru was looking for a compact level measurement for its raw material tanks with 98% sulfuric acid. Due to the strong corrosion caused by the acidic material, the decision was made to implement the robust capacity indicator  Capanivo® CN 7000 for implementing reliable empty messages.


PPS probe with 1-inch process connection
Chemical resistance & compact design
The CN 7000 probe meets the requirements of chemical applications with a robust PPS probe and SensGuard protective sleeve. The devices have a robust, certified design and can be easily adapted to the respective process conditions and proportions. Together with the local partner SIERRA Servicios Industriales SAC. the compact level switch with potted electronics was installed in the cone of the process tank with sulfuric acid. The probe is only 98 mm (3.86 inches) long and has a very small 1-inch process connection made of stainless steel. That makes it ideal for recording the fill level within the narrow pipes of only around 200 mm (7.87 inches) diameter.


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