Many applications–one solution

Innovative vibrating rod probe - compact design & high process flexibility probes

It has often been the case that a single rod probe, using the vibrating principle and having universal design capabilities, is required. This measurement principle has become well-established on the international market.  Due to its high compatibility (even with the standard version), it is much favored by plant operators. UWT has responded to the wishes of their customers with a new product series that uses this vibration measurement principle in the form of a single rod probe called Mononivo® MN 4000 .


The Mononivo® MN 4000 vibrating rod

·         is a point level detector

·         that can be used in silos and tanks

·         as a full, demand or empty detector


Electronically stimulated piezos cause the single rod probe to vibrate. When the material covers the sensor, this causes the vibration to stop and a voltage change is caused within the piezo elements. This is electronically registered and causes the output signal to switch.


The Mononivo® is an All-rounder:

·         Various changing factors

·         Threads from 1"

·         Appropriate as an overfill detector within pipes and shafts

·         Explosive environments

·         Adjustable sensitivity

·         Very light material > 20g/l

·         Easy installation and commissioning

·         Maintenance free


The Mononivo® offers a measurement solution that can be quickly and easily realized. Focus is on a particularly high compatibility for different container vessels and conditions, what means more flexibility for users and plant operators.