Master Class: TDR Solutions for tricky level measurement applications

TDR Solutions for tricky
level measurement applications

One for all! Standard or tricky?

Solving difficult level measurement applications with guided wave radar

The ultimate Guide: When things get a little tricky! TDR - Allrounder for Solids & Liquids:


Looking for precise and safe continuous level measurement even when dealing with difficult process conditions such as:

~ dusty atmosphere

~ material with a low DK-value

~ very tall silos

~ particularly high loads on the probe



↪ Reliable and accurate, even when faced with difficult conditions such as extreme temperatures and pressures, steam, interface or build-up. UWT Product Manager Nikolas Oppenberger provides exciting tips & tricks concerning the TDR technology with useful examples of challenging applications and how the guided wave radar handles them.


↪ Special focus: Solutions with coaxial versions


↪ PLUS: Setup, configuration, commissioning & diagnostics - fast & easy




⚐ Are you faced with strong surface waves, fixings inside the tank or small tanks you wish to fill right to the top?


⚐ Are you handling material in a high temperature, high pressure or steam environment?


⚐ Are you confronted with challenges such as Interface Measurement?