Simple disposition of stocks in the synthetics industry

Point level detection and continuous level measurement combined with smart silo management


A supplier to the automotive industry modernized his plant with regard to manufacturing processes for plastic granules. He also wanted to invest in a complete level monitoring system in order to automate his manual measurements in the future and to read the filling levels conveniently on the PC screen.


Various granulates are stored in a series of silos. These are filled by truck. The silos were equipped with electromechanical lot systems NivoBob® NB 4100 . Partially, there were no process connections on the inclined silo roofers. The specially designed adjustment flange for NivoBob® devices was used here. It could be screwed from the outside to the roof without welding necessary. In part, the sensors were adapted to the available connections. Capacitive sensors Capanivo® CN 4030 and also rotary paddle detectors Rotonivo® RN 3002 are used as silo full sensors. A user-friendly and also favorable visualization was implemented with NivoTec® NT 3500 . Here, a web server is used, which allows all Ethernet PCs to use the visualization without license costs. In addition, this system can also be adjusted to specific customer requirements and wishes.