Expert Talk: Capacitive Level Measurement

Expert Talk - Capacitance Level Detection Special

A Gamechanger, smart CN 7 Sensor with IO-Link technology on board!


Bringing capacitive sensors to the next level!

Features and highlights of the newly redesigned CN 7 sensor range presented by Guoyan Zhang-Mailänder (Area Sales Manager) and Nikolas Oppenberger (Product Management).

In Live Tests our experts show how these innovative sensors function and cope with demanding conditions such as build-up or even how measurement is possible through glass!

Highlights of the Capanivo® CN 7000:

~ Chemically resistant PVDF probe

~ Tip Sensitivity & Active Shield Technology

~ M12 connector

~ Compact design with 1/2" process connection

~ Hygienic design

~ Food-grade materials

~ Suitable for SIP & CIP up to 150 °C




~ Short probe length

~ Relay, transistor, current loop or continuous 4..20 mA output

~ IO-Link

~ Potted electronics

~ Inverse Frequency Shift Technology

~ Complete plastic version available

~ Rod and cable extension